Difference between hiking boots and New Balance Hiking Shoes

If we try to compare hiking boots from hiking shoes, we will see a considerable number of differences. Let’s get started with the common things that hiking boots and hiking shoes can do. These two footwear are capable of carrying both yours and your backpack’s weight during an activity that is done by foot called hiking. It also has the ability to shield your feet, specifically your toes, from unwanted contacts with hard objects like rocks and trees.

Now let us talk about their differences, first hiking boots, they are the high-cut type, because they are high-cut they provide more support, up until your ankles. These boots are more expensive than hiking shoes because the shoe manufacturers making them use more materials due to its design. Hiking boots are also heavier than hiking shoes. Hiking boots are preferably used on trails where you could potentially roll your ankle, trail crosses rocky places or boulder fields, steep grades, trails that cross water, muddy or swampy area, hiking that last for days with heavy packs, places where you need extra added toe protection, icy or snowy places, and in places where you want to make yourself look attractive.

On the other hand, hiking shoes are lighter in weight than hiking boots. You will be able to move faster, need less time to rest in between hikes, and they are cheaper. Now the key to having great hiking shoes is to choose the New Balance Hiking shoes. Hiking shoes are usually worn on groomed, packed or finished (wood, asphalt, concrete) terrains, trail running, in places where you need more shock absorbing footgear rather than support for the ankle, hikes done when the sun is still up, and lastly when you are wearing shorts in urban areas. Try to imagine yourself wearing shorts with your boots on…

New Balance Hiking shoes are perfect for hot days because they are well ventilated, cool and lightweight and have an average of 2 pounds or less for men’s pair. They dry up very easily due to its quality materials. Experienced hikers say hiking shoes are good for backpacking with reasonable load. New Balance Hiking shoes are durable and provide excellent support and comfort. Although its ankle support is not very good, you will not be wearing these when you will go climbing mountains anyway. Remember that hiking shoes are designed for groomed, packed or finished (wood, asphalt, concrete) terrains.

Choose from different colors, designs and style from New Balance Hiking shoe’s amazing collection. You will be taking your hiking experience to the next level with its flexibility. Travel further and faster with no worries!

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