A Fashionista\’s Guide To Purchasing Leather Shoe Care Products

Quality footwear can be expensive so it is important to know how to look after it properly. Selecting the right leather shoe care products can keep your footwear in great shape and looking new even years after you have purchased it. If you want to learn how to look after your footwear properly, here is what you need to know.

Not all leathers are created equal and they do not all have the same care needs. Suede, for example, has a specific textured surface that requires different treatment than normal leather. There are other exotic leathers that may also have specific care needs. Learning what your shoes and boots are made of is the first step in buying the right care products.

Narrowing down what you are looking for will help save you time and money. For example, you need to consider if you are looking for cleaning products or if you want to protect your investment against moisture and salt. Another category of products relates mainly to storing shoes and boots safely so that they are not damaged or lose their shape.

A basic polishing and cleaning kit will have a number of items in there. A good care kit will have basic polish colors. These are often brown, black and oxblood. You may need to look at more unique colors as well if you find that a large number of your shoes fall outside these basic hues. There will also be brushes in the kit. These will be used to apply polish, brush it off once it has dried and then buff the surface to a nice shine.

It may be tempting to skimp and purchase inexpensive shoe polish but this isn\’t always the best idea. You want to make sure that the polish is rich and will keep the leather supple and hydrated. Dry leather will crack and flake and it will not look good for long. You may want to buy basic black as well as more custom colors that will match your footwear. Again, make sure that the products you buy are designed for the kind of leather that has been used to make your shoes.

Wet climates have their own challenges. Water and salt is bad for leather footwear. A good spray can help repel water and allow salt to be brushed off instead of permeating deep into the shoe or boot. A good spray should work well for leather and suede although it may need to be applied in different ways. You may also need to reapply the product part way through the wet weather in order to make sure it is properly shielded from damage.

Storage can also be an issue when footwear is involved. For example, some individuals prefer to keep their shoes in bags or in the boxes that they came in originally. Remember that this will help keep dust off of your footwear and will also help prevent scuffs when the footwear is in storage. Boots often benefit from ankle forms that are inserted into each boot.

If you want to start shopping you have many places to look. A good place to start is a shoe repair store. They often sell many different footwear related items and can advise you on the best products as well as their proper use and application. Then you can feel confident that your investment will stay looking great for years to come.

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