Christina Kelly: The Do’s & Don’ts Of Fashion Design

Fashion design is a broad topic, and Christina Kelly can say the same. After all, there are so many senses of style to be seen, spanning various types of clothing as well. Enthusiasts in this field can attest to the fact that there are right and wrong ways to go about this, though. To better understand how one can excel in this artistic field, not only for their sense of passion but professional reasons to boot, here are the do’s and don’ts to know.

Do think outside of the box. According to Christina Kelly and others, the best in the field in the fashion design are those who tend to be creative. They aren’t worried so much about failure, as they are about putting forth creative concepts that the world at large can recognize. For this reason, you should not adhere to trends, at least not to a tremendous degree. By thinking outside of the box, the work you create will be more robust.

Don’t be overly complicated. Another thing to know about fashion design, at least when it comes to casual wear, is that simplicity matters. As the likes of Christina Kelly will tell you, the best attires are those that compile a number of elements, without going overboard. When there is too much happening at once, chances are that it will overwhelm the senses. Anyone who is passionate about fashion design would be wise to keep this in mind.

Do place emphasis on trends. Even though many trends tend to fade away over the course of time, this isn’t the case across the board. After all, you have to consider that many elements will stick around, which is why it’s important for fashion designers to stay vigilant. They must continually read into the news, as far as this field is concerned, and equip themselves with knowledge as well. These are just a few of the other ways to ensure success in fashion design.

Don’t miss out on creating a portfolio. The more time that you spend in fashion design, the more work that you’ll have to show for it. With this in mind, do not be shy about including this type of work in a portfolio. The reason for this is that employers are going to want an impression of what you’re capable of. As a result, you should try to include everything from rough drafts to completed work. Without a strong portfolio – and names such as Christina Kelly can say the same – you won’t garner as much attention.

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