A Presentation Of The Pros And Cons Of Directv Las Vegas

The business world still talks merger for two telecommunications giants in the process of negotiation. Unfortunately, there was the small financial conflict which arose during the NFL Finals, prohibiting some customers from viewing it. The DirecTv Las Vegas consumers were not pleased at the sudden and unexpected change in their service bundles.

America is not new to mergers of telecommunications giants. As usual, the public is not silent about their dissatisfaction with the interruption in service which they deemed as unfair, and it certainly caused the FCC to postpone the merger for a time. Americans on the Internet are never silent about issues with companies that they spend a great deal of money on.

This issue might even be embarrassing to them, as their advertisements have specified that sports fans needed the Genie in order to secure viewing of any Superbowl, as well as games leading up to it. Many households dropped their old cable service providers for this very reason. So while this small conflict might seem like it put egg on their faces, the buzz still says the sports programming offered is the best out there.

It should be a short lived controversy, as both corporations stand to gain a great deal from this merger. The cable company seems to really come out on top with the infrastructure of the U-Verse system that the ISP is so known for. However, the Internet company also stands to gain a lot of ground in the consumer marketplace as well.

For now, they are within the 180-day review timetable often adopted by the FCC in large acquisitions such as this. It is important for consumer watch dogs to know that the marriage of corporations will be a benefit rather than a detriment to the public. After all, the American people are very concerned about the overuse of copyright law in order to levy heavy fines on average citizens.

As for the simple complaining rights consumers assign to their cable company, the primary issue is with the weather. Technology can only do so much, and bad weather can certainly interfere with the signal that reaches the satellite dish affixed to homes of their customers. This is the most prevalent complaint made.

It is necessary to pay attention to what objects may be blocking the satellite dish when it is installed. That climbing ivy or rose bush seemed like a great idea until the wind blows the awning in front of the dish, causing repeated or just plain constant delay of service on windy or rainy days. Moreover, putting it on the upper-most eave of the roof was a great idea till one realizes they live in a northern state where it stays covered in snow and ice from October to April, and someone has to climb up there and de-ice it.

The second most prevalent complaint involves the cost of the bundled services once the trial period expires. This can be anywhere from six months to two years, and the cost of the bundle goes up dramatically. Even so, this complaint is rarely made, as the consumers remain quite satisfied for now and hopefully into the future as these two giants merge.

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