Samsung Phones And Their Comparison To Apple Phones

Given its popularity among consumers in diverse locations across the world, Samsung has a huge market share that it has managed to establish over the years with the young generation being their target consumers. Over time, Samsung phones have grown popular due to their consistency in delivering quality products and improving them so as to give their consumers better experiences with each model.

When comparing to other brands, Samsung is evidently the top gadget in the market due to their outstanding features. For instance, Samsung galaxy S5 which is the latest model has in many ways proven to be better than most mobile phones in the market such as the iPhone 5s which is arguably one of the most popular brand that seem to have its distinctive features that are preferred by a certain market share.

To begin with, the S5 model uses android 4.4.2 as its operating system while the 5s has IOS for an operating system. Android is known to the most preferred operating system as they have lots of apps than any other operating system. Moreover, 4.4.2 version is the latest one which means one gets to have access to all apps as they all are compatible.

These days, the younger generation seems to be more into bigger gadgets as they are easier to use while chatting and browsing the internet. For that reason the galaxy S5 has been made to be bigger making it 5.1 inches and iPhone 5s coming with a size of 4 inches, with screen resolutions of 1080 x 1920 pixels and 640 x 1136 pixels consecutively.

In this case the rear and front cameras are very critical as people want to keep their friends updated on the events happening in their lives by sharing photos of their different occasions. Samsung have outdone themselves this time round as they have a 16 megapixel rear camera and a 2.1 megapixel front camera which is the most advance feature that most gadgets have in the market.

A strong and advanced processor is critical in which case Samsung has again delivered by ensuring that its speed is on point and consumers do not have to stuck in the middle of important business where this gadget hangs. To this regards, they have a quad core processor while their competitor iPhone 5s has a dual core processor that is good but not as advanced as the quad core.

Additionally, the internal space or the memory size is also vital as consumer want to be able to install as much applications as they want without worrying about filling the memory, and more so storing videos, photos and songs which they want to carry around. Moreover, the ability to extend the memory with a microSD is an added advantage that enhances the disk space.

In conclusion, battery life plays a crucial role in the choices people make when it comes to choosing the brand they want; for this, the galaxy S5 has a talk time of 21 hours and a standby time of 390 hours, a very arguable competitive feature. This ensures that one can go an entire day without charging them and only do so at the end of the day.

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