Tips To Experience A Smooth Call On Your Mobile Phone

Isn’t it sad you are in the middle of successful deal or you have received a call from an employer to whom you had applied for a job then all of a sudden your phone goes silent, when you try to look on the screen of your phone you notice the call ended without a notice mainly due to low signal?

Good luck, there is a remedy on how we can avoid drop calls and maintain constant dialogue without unnecessary interruptions.

Poor signals are mainly due to the distance of the caller to the nearest satellite and the strength of the antenna, if one is far away from the satellite, the signal is usually poor also if the antenna is weak it cannot be able to receive the signals clearly.

This is the major reason that affects the reception of network in rural areas where the signal is very weak and reception is poor.

Dropped calls due to poor antenna can be avoided by replacing the antenna of the phone or better still by installing an external antenna to increase the reception of the signal by the phone. The external antenna can be mounted outside a building for better reception.

You can also reduce the frequency of poor signal on your phone by checking the status of your phone, check if the battery is charged or it’s empty. A good battery provides power for good reception and enables one to continuously make a phone transaction without unnecessary disruptions due to low battery voltage.

One can also purchase an antenna booster that can be able to capture stray signal and re-radiate it back on the phone hence increase the signal strength on the phone as one uses the phone.

Last but not least, it’s important to ensure that the antenna is facing the right direction when making a phone call.

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