The HP iPAQ PDA models can operate on both MS Windows or Linux interfaces. They operate like a standard cellular phone, but after implementing them, you’ll soon understand that they are much more than a telephone. They are equipped with VoIP ability and even more functions.

Lots of organizations choose the HP iPAQ PDA models over other brands for their ease of use. The iPAQ helps businesses to deliver updates to an unlimited number of units simultaneously from a central location. These models use the Windows Mobile 6 operating system. Business owners can add Microsoft Office Mobile to allow their employees to run Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook applications. The device consists of 128 MB of SDRAM and 256 MB of Flash ROM, which makes its broadband connectivity quick. Its WiFi capability is ideal for enterprising persons on the go that require access to the world wide web no matter where they are headed. Its integrated 802.11 b/g/ network guarantees connectivity.

The iPAQ’s design includes a touch-wheel interface built around the numeric keypad. There is a three-way thumb wheel for navigational purposes. This makes browsing very user-friendly as you have two ways to scroll by means of your fingertips. Some designs belonging to the iPAQ include cameras with higher resolution and auto-focus.

Wireless LAN is also an option incorporated with this device. It’s Bluetooth compatible, which is an extra characteristic that comes in handy when you may not have access to a wireless network. This means that you may connect your gadget to other compatible equipment, for example laptop and desktop computers.

The HP iPAQ PDA permits you to increase the internal memory pretty quickly. You merely need to set up a Micro-SD card within the product. You are also supplied with a USB connector to synchronize and/or charge the PDA. The lithium ion battery offers longer talk and standby times so charging your device frequently is not required.

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