Nokia N8 Features

Nokia as a market leader in the present in terms of mobile phones and accessories have decided to extend its challenging product range by an all new featured device named; Nokia N8. Rich in flavor this acts as an answer for all consumer needs in communication as well as entertainment. Most of all, the N8’s main description will be a token of simplicity and glory!

With a 16 million color AMOLED touch screen, the Nokia n8 is more likely to provide users with an extended image quality that may preserve their moments as they are. But, its focus of bringing back the Symbian operating system into touch with users is of more importance. Furthermore, when the N8 is equipped with an internal memory of 16GB and a RAM at 256MB which is supported by a ROM at 512MB it certainly becomes the market leader in terms of efficiency too.

Surprisingly, the N8 has challenged digital cameras at their own game being studded with a magnificent 12 mega pixel camera with a large sensor which boasts of very high quality images. Furthermore, it is equipped with auto focus and xenon flash, geo tagging and detects faces and smiles. Its built in ND filter just makes images memorable for the user.

Apart from these features, the Nokia N8 is equipped with all modern requirements such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 3.5mm stereo jack. It is also studded with a GPS receiver with A-GPS and is equipped with a microUSB port with USB host support. Apart from these main features the N8 consists with basic features of a new generation device such as compatibility of DivX, XviD, MP4, MP3, WMA and WAV formats, a digital compass, 3G, a secondary VGA camera and radio.

When such features are put together with a casing of dark grey, silver white, green, blue or orange the N8 certainly becomes a market leader. This is already visible among consumers who consider this as a device that hits hard and plays tough in order to get their latest needs of an electronic device a success.

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