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Review Charities With Greatnonprofits

Many people wouldn’t go to a restaurant without checking out its reputation online. Did you know you can also do the same with your charitable causes? With over 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States alone, there is a lot of information to wade through when considering the right recipients for your charitable giving. But a new partnership between Truist and GreatNonprofits will soon help make information more accessible for donors.

How to Pick A Keynote Speaker For A Conference

Whether you are planning an event, or a conference you may look at hiring a keynote speaker. There are several speakers at most events and conferences. The keynote speaker is the main speaker. Similar to the headline act at a gig or concert!

The Seven Steps to Attaining Success

There’s lots of guides around that are informing you that there is this marvelous “secret” to success. There isn’t. This “secret” they are making reference to is only a sham to get you intrigued enough to purchase their product or service. Success is not a secret… it’s actually quite easy really.