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Why Buy The Animal Boogie By Barefoot Books?

An out and out best selling interactive children’s book, The Animal Boogie is one of the flagship books produced by creative independent publishers Barefoot Books

Book Review: Pun-Unciate

I briefly considered spidering the Internet to find the find the wiser man or woman who opined on “the pun” more scathingly than I could do with my eyes clothed. Maybe I don’t know what a pun is; that was considerably closer to a bad joke that ridicules people with lisps. Samuel Clemens was certain there were “three types of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics”. Until earlier today, I was sure there were only “three types of puns: bad puns, worse puns, and a room that falls silent to the still louder type of silence. A “wah-wah” from a 1960’s BBC comedy.”

Book Review: The Music is Written

Tatiana Pietrzak’s The Music is Written is a riveting compilation of poetry that strives to journey into the world of music, sounds, and rhythm. Pietrzak’s subject selection for her poetry is intriguing because of the dynamic between poetry and music. Throughout the poems in the book, Pietrzak sends one message, loud and clear: the expression of music is beautiful, soothing, and can be found hiding in the unlikeliest of places.

Book Review: He’s the Pen, I’m the Paper

Are you suffering? Do you have more than your share of problems? Big problems? Do you hate your life? Do wish things could be better? Are you searching for answers, but you just don’t know where to turn? Do you feel like you’re all alone with no way out?

Book Review: Hershey’s Mr. Mean Streak

When an Army man cons an old lady out of a 127-million-dollar lottery ticket and moves into a California mansion, he transforms into Mr. Mean Streak. Mr. Mean Streak, John C. Philips-better known as JP, is a lawless family man who perceives himself to be both law and justice.

Book Review: Nouzha Evan’s Children’s Book

Cooper the Compost Worm, the Butterflies are Teasing Me, by Nouzha Evans, is a refreshing children’s book sending a strong message that we all have a purpose in life. This is a must read book it would be an ideal fixture in a variety of settings: homes, pediatric reception rooms, classrooms, libraries, and environmental organizations.

Book Review: The Age of the Customer

Raul Pupo’s America’s Service Meltdown: Restoring Service Excellence in the Age of the Customer is a must-read for business leaders at all levels, for students in business school, academia, and anyone interested in learning more about how to conduct service in this changing economy. Pupo’s reason for writing the book, or the take home message per se, is to alert corporations and the nation that poor service-not just offshore labor rates-are feeding an outsourcing juggernaut that we can’t seem to be able to stop. The sad irony is that the United States, which for all practical purposes invented the service economy, is being “outserviced” by most of the rest of the world

Advantages Of Rekeying Your Locks

There is nothing as good as owning a new home. Everything in the house is brand new the doors, roof, ceilings, windows, taps and even the locks on the doors. Everything is in place and you are ready to settle down in your new home together with your family. Everyone is excited and as the head of the house, you have the keys to all the doors but security wise, the home is not secure. If you want to make your home secure, rekeying is the only option. Read on to find out why you need to secure your home.

Estelle\’s: The Handbags You Should Consider

There exist many accessories that go well with a variety of dresses. Estelle\’s and a number of other authorities will be able to agree, which is why it\’s important to look into the different types of handbags available across different outlets. Which ones can suit your needs best, you may wonder? If you\’d like to know which handbags are the most popular, for both fashion and functionality, here are a few options to take into account.

The Value Of Remote Access Alarm Chattanooga, TN

Finding the right wireless home security system is challenging. The price range for wireless security units is pretty broad and most share some of the same qualities. The trick is to find the most value for the money spent. Almost all remote access alarm systems are compact in size, portable, and easily installed by the homeowner. The systems share a distance limitation between the control unit and the sensor devices. Most basic kits can cover around 3,000 square feet.