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On A Runway In Kazakhstan Sits The Missing Flight 370

Not knowing their fate, the 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 bound for Beijing, China from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia got ready for their 6 hour flight. These 239 individuals from 15 different countries had no indication of what will happen to them nor did their families and friends have any reason to fear. More than a week has passed now and Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is still missing. What happened to them?

Gun Control Is Hotly Debated

After the latest murder at Virginia Tech, once more the immense concern about handgun reduction has been brought up at full strength. Many people are exceptionally offended that in fact despite handgun reduction regulations have been authorized the killer in the slaughter seemed to be permitted to have a gun and purchased it in slightly less than thirty minutes. A great many have presupposed that had there actually been much harsher rules in position, the sale would not have been concluded, and it also could have possibly saved every one of the lives that were tragically lost in the catastrophe.

Gingrich On American Issues

Former congressman Newt Gingrich is among the countless conservative challengers for US president in 2012 and a lot of commentators have been looking at his latest campaign challenges. Although with regards to substance how is he on the problems impacting the US?

McKenna For Washington State Governor 2012

Rob McKenna who is the Washington Attorney General made an announcement to run for governor in the political election of 2012 and he is greatly a favorite even with many self-proclaimed in the liberal counties throughout the state. In his 2008 run to keep his position, McKenna received 59% of the statewide vote. What is even more surprising about that election is that even in leftist King County he gained an astonishing 53% which is quite impressive for a man that works with the republicans.