Tips And Hints On Building Your Website

Building your own website can be done with several methods. Ranging from easy to use templates that only ask for the content you want in your site to inserting HTML code yourself in a blank text editor , making a website isn’t as challenging as you think. Very few people use text editors such as WordPad anymore for inserting HTML code themselves for the website, but it originally was the only way to do it. These days, the majority of people are using templates for blogs as well as WYSIWYG editors to create their sites.

WYSIWYG is an acronym for “what you see is what you get” in case you weren’t aware of the meaning. Creating a website visually or from a blank editor are two ways of using WYSIWYG. When creating your site visually, you are in design view, and code view shows you the HTML code and allows you to edit it. Your HTML code will be entered automatically in code view when you insert data into the design view. You can have both views open so that you can see what HTML code correlates with what you are putting in the design view.

Dreamweaver is probably the best of all WYSIWYG editors there are. Reviews of the product average around 4 out of 5 stars. While Dreamweaver is expensive, Adobe offers a free trial if you wish to see for yourself. Seamonkey and Amaya are also available editors that are free, but the products are not as good as Dreamweaver. The disadvantage for the editors mentioned is that it takes time. With some of the more professional parts of the software and the large number of options they contain, it can be a bit scary to see as a first timer. Though some of the free editors you will have to figure out on your own, the more used ones also contain tutorials to aid you in the learning process.

If everything is just going way over your head, try beginning with a template for HTML. Your website will the already have a design, and you will only need to make minor changes and add the information you want. Although you can work with the templates without a WYSIWYG editor, it makes it a lot more difficult if you can’t see what codes you are inputting in real time.

HTML and editors are very useful, but websites can be made in other ways. Blog sites are always showing up on search engines and are becoming used more and more.

If you are interested in using the blog aspect, try WordPress. WordPress contains several templates and HTML templates free for you to use. Most web hosts you sign up with will have WordPress available for you to use.

WordPress is easy to install, which you can do from your web hosting panel. After you install the program, you can access the WordPress admin panel. You can choose what kind of theme you would like for your site using the WordPress theme area. WordPress is easy to use, although you don’t get a lot of variety out of it, it is a quick way to start up a site when you are just beginning.

When creating a web site, you have several options. There are several free sites that offer information with great tips and tutorials on the internet. Invest a little money and time and soon you will have a web site up and running, generating several visitors everyday with these tips.

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