The Challenges Of Being An Employment Agent

An employment agent’s responsibility is seek out jobs for jobseekers. Yet it’s not as easy as the way it is described. Not a lot of people are aware of how hard it is to be an agent.

Here’s the nature of an employment agent’s job:

Getting To Know The Applicant

When a job candidate turns to the employment agent to inquire about available jobs, the agent provides him an extensive questionnaire to complete. He will have a look on the application and then conduct an interview with the applicant.

Through the entire interview, the employment agent asks the applicant concerning the specific job he’s searching for, his skills, strengths and weaknesses, and his expected amount of compensation. The agent needs to know the applicant’s personality and skills to present him to potential employers.

The Employment Agent Being a Sales Specialist Too

After the interview comes a more difficult challenge for the agent. He calls up possible employers to check out job openings that match with what the jobseeker is seeking. Then he will have to try “selling” the job candidate to the companies. The agent must not just make an attempt to sell the jobseeker; the company must “buy” the applicant at the same time. It is obviously not a simple job to complete.

When the company wills to invite the jobseeker for a job interview, the agent contacts the applicant to brief him about anything he must know or do. The agent must give some suggestions to the jobseeker concerning the dress code, the right things to say, the ideal attitude to have, and stuff like that. He gives all the important instructions for the applicant to make a good impression to the company.

The Hardest Part Of Becoming an Employment Agent

An offer to be interviewed doesn’t always mean that the applicant will surely be hired. A formal job offer should first be given to the applicant and the applicant should accept it as well. Should this happen, the agent then receives his commission.

The truth reveals that an employment agent’s job is actually hard. Lots of them depend on commissions and for this, it’s either they make a huge sum of money for attending to their obligations well, or they don’t have enough earnings for some time due to their failed tasks.

An General Take On An Employment Agent’s Job

An employment agent’s job is definitely not for anyone. An aspiring agent has to have outstanding interpersonal communication abilities and a high rate of patience. Success in this job depends highly on the combination of these two traits. Those who don’t have these traits will surely not make it to this kind of job.

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