Team Building Activity

As I am sure everyone knows, trying to keep people motivated can be extremely difficult, even at the best of times, so throw in a day of meetings, presentations and talks, and sometimes your key message can even get lost in all the jargon – enter the idea of a team building activity.


It’s very hard to disagree with the fact that practical and experiential learning is one of the best resources for training. If you bring in a hands-on approach to any subject matter or key objective allows, there will be a more enjoyable outlet and a chance for participants to become more actively involved. The emphasis will be on what participants can do, rather than what they are told, and this will ensure a higher level of engagement and a better understanding on how to take on objectives and move forward – now enter the team building activities!


Team Building Activities come in all shapes and sizes. Not only a means to an end, the activities also bring in the means of having fun. The appeal of team building activities presents itself on so many levels; demonstrating particular concepts, breaking down team barriers and elevating team bonding. The most important thing is that the team building activity always reflects the main objective you have set.

Team building activities should always succeed with any group of individuals or subject matter, as they are universal in their output. It is you who must think about the context. For any given objective or subject matter there are so many different team building activities that can be used – which differ in their complexity and the demands made on participants. Team building activities stem from the environment that surrounds them and the individuals. You need to look at your group – decide if you want them to perform individually, in pairs or smaller groups. Decide whether you want them to learn through problem solving and puzzles, role play or creative objects. The inputs are endless, but the output should always be the same – better comprehension and unity.


Once you have chosen a team building activity, used it and completed it, don’t be afraid to review afterwards! This is perhaps the most important element of a team building activity and brings forward the connection between learning and putting in to practice your objectives. Participants need to see the relevance of what they have just done to what they can do. This is a time where the mistakes made during the activity can be good in leading to new insights for development. Ask questions, get answers and discuss – SIMPLE STEPS.

SO – why use a team building activity?

After all this, you are probably still considering the prospect of using a team building activity at your next meeting / gathering – well consider no more. I am sure that your initial thoughts of team building activities evoke images of big conferences and arenas with colossal productions and spectacles – this would obviously be nice, but it is certainly not the case. Team building activities are for everyone and everywhere and are great for stimulating discussion and highlighting your key message. Get your group, your team, your colleagues up and motivated, give them something to talk about and a starting point for moving forward.

Team Building Activities – for those in the know and ready to go.

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