Drop Off Laundry Service For Convenient Cleaning Of Clothing

If you have grown tired of spending hours at the coin op laundry to keep your wardrobe clean, there is a better way. A drop off laundry service can wash, dry and fold your clothing so they are ready for you to pick up and put away. For many busy people, this convenient service offers many advantages.

As the clothing is laundered in a larger version of the washer and dryers used in a home, this option is more cost effective than dry cleaning. Additionally, clothing is kept separate by the customer with no mixing of your items with those of others in the large dry cleaning machine. Each item will be washed with similar items from your own clothing, dried and prepared for the owner to pick up at his or her convenience.

The large stack of dirty clothes that has built up over time in the corner of the bedroom can be completed in about six minutes of your time. Drop them and the professionals in the center take over from there. Often, clothing left early in the day can be picked up on your way home from work. If dropped off later in the day they are ready the next day.

Services can also be customized to meet special instructions. If customers have allergies to certain detergents, they can request dye and perfume free ones. If certain clothing needs to hang instead of being folded, just let the attendant know. With professional washing and drying, the investment you have made in your wardrobe for work and play is protected and you look your best.

While many people choose to use this service on a weekly basis others prefer it for occasional use. For example, when it is time to put away the winter comforters, just bring them in to be washed and dried in the oversized machines. Laundering in appropriately sized machines gets these oversized items cleaner and owners do not spend their day restarting the dryer.

When your mixed basket of clothing is dropped it will be sorted before washing. Like fabrics and colors are washed together. Each load will be cleaned using water at the appropriate temperature and machine setting. You do not have to worry about clothing being ruined by fading reds coloring whites.

Unless special instructions are left by the customer, most of the clothes will be folded, with business attire placed on hangers. Once they are picked up and driven home, you only have to put them away, taking a few minutes. Each day, you can select from professionally washed and folded clothing that look like new. You will always look professional and prepared for work or an outing with friends.

When your busy schedule leaves no time to wash your clothes, you have an option. A drop off laundry service allows you to have your entire wardrobe washed and dried so it is ready for your use. Take a few minutes to drop it this morning and it could be ready to pick up when you get off work at the end of the day. All that is left is for you to put it away.

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