Where To Find Sober Greeting Cards

When a person stops drinking or using drugs using a twelve step program they mark their progress by celebrating periods of successful sobriety. They start with smaller periods such as thirty or sixty days then there is a six month observance and switching to once a year after the first twelve months. The members of AA and NA use sober greeting cards as a permanent means for celebrants to remember these bench marks in their recovery.

One of many things that helps to keep people from dropping out of these programs is the prospect of receiving a card or medallion and a piece of cake in a meeting with their peers recognizing the length of time they have remained without drinking or using drugs. Their friends may be able to locate a generic card at a local store but a card that states the name of a recipient and how long they have in the program is much more personal.

You will be able to find these items on the internet also. There are numerous sites that offer the opportunity to purchase a card for any event that may occur. They are available as a single card purchase or in boxes of twelve. Many twelve step groups purchase them along with books and medallions to pass out to their members. The subject matter may include buzz word sayings familiar to most people in recovery.

The people who own the internet companies often will display a card submitted by an individual for sale. Some merchandise includes themes that apply to sobriety and the continuing struggles and progress. One theme is centered around the camel because it carries a large load every day and lays it down at night. This signifies turning the worst problems over to a higher power at day’s end in twelve step programs.

You can also find websites that can provide an E-card for those people you have in your life that are internet savvy. The card is transmitted to the e-mail address of any recipient and can be scheduled to arrive on specific dates when necessary. This is an excellent option for those who live in another city.

Because many of these artists are in recovery themselves they are able to compose a card and message to be very supportive of the program they and others belong to. Their insights and personal experiences can work to help create the perfect card with significant meaning for your needs.

The owners of many of these companies announce on the website that they too are recovering alcoholics and addicts and because one foundation to staying sober is to stay in service they view their contributions as a form of service. Their inventory usually contains other items that are important to recovery such as AA Big Books and yearly medallions to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Some suppliers offer the option of selecting or creating the card package you want and then picking it up within an hour at a nearby printer or retail store.

Receiving the appropriate card or another small gift shows others that you are thinking of them and that they are important to you. In sobriety there are many milestones that are crossed by individuals and using items from one of the specialty companies located online or locally may be the best way to acknowledge the things they have accomplished.

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