Wearing A Watch Means Strong Personality

Fashion has always described human’s evolution and transition of habits, values and principles. Any development and fermentation of social order had a perfect mirror in fashion. When talking about watches, there is an even more complex image about each epoque when trends turned different. A whole philosophy that represents a specific social category gets hidden behind every type of watch. When someone wears nowadays such un object, most of the time it is not just to measure time. It is to make a personal statement about his or her view of the world.

Since old civilizations developed mechanisms to measure time, these objects were connected with fantasies and dreams about immortality and precognition. From all humans’ unconscious dreams, the one of everlasting and control over time is the most intense. Anthropologists consider that from all objects, the watch is the most complete metonymy of people beliefs and character. When a new fashion appeared, it was always followed by social changes and modifications of the central paradigm.

Romantic fashion, for example, represents a particular manner of handling life. Those who subscribe to it, wear watches not to organize themselves, but to remember about specific moments. Their memory it is not objective, but affective. They need to feel the delicate passing of time, reversing its order by reveries. These watches have pearly mosaics engraved. Sometimes, even their glass is finely inscribed and their back is most of the times painted. Straps have floral adornments and fluid, curved shapes to symbolize the natural and unconscious content of time.

Furthermore, classic fashion of watches differs a lot from the first. Simple and geometric shapes modeled by natural and synthetic materials represent a strong engagement with reality. Those who wear this kind of watches are realistic, powerful persons, merged in business and methodical affairs. They make a statement about their responsibility and stability.

Nowadays, since a new paradigm sprang, most of the people prefer sport style of watches. The transition from classic to sport fashion was concomitant with the new belief of humans in the power they possess. The new preference indicate not stability, but power and control over world. New man is able to manage and transform his energy into energy of machines and vice versa. The speed, the rush and the faith in mobility are represented by new watches designs. They have robust, simple shapes, with almost no decorative elements. Their ergodynamic shape itself is considered to be an intrinsic embellishment. This fashion has the same enthusiasm as gadgets had at the beginning of the ’90’s. That moment appeared unaesthetic watches that could show the time of other planets. They had a lot of functions not to serve an utilitarian need, but to prove the grandeur of humans’ intelligence.

As a whole, buying a watch means the courage of saying something definite about personal beliefs. Even if nowadays people are not aware about the complexity of wearing a watch, they unconsciously choose this item in order to show the strongest perceptions and principles they have. A watch,as it was been said, it is the most sincere object that a man could show to others instead of showing his soul.

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