Vivienne Westwood Watch Line

The punk inspired outfits continue to be highly appreciated by a large segment of the public which entitles Vivienne Westwood to the name of one of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. The numerous and versatile collections of timepieces, on the other hand, have contributed to the fame of the watch brand. Vivienne Westwood was nominated as a representative of the future watch collection that will take form from the collaboration of the two fashion icons.

The launching of the new watch line will take place in spring 2011 during the Specialized Watch Exhibition. The English heritage of Vivienne Westwood will merge with the design elements of the watch brand to form new and attractive timepieces.

The durability and the functionality of the time trackers are the two main aspects that will be carried over from the previous collections to the new line. Manufacturers are used to working with leather and metals for the creation of the bands; as a matter of fact, they have improved their techniques to such level that they can create unique and original forms. Men and women watches are, thus, embellished with metallic grids that confer an interesting look to these accessories.

Dials are mostly round and square, but the colors and the models of the faces vary from one collection to another. Classic watches have different displays for the date and the time, so every customer may choose the one that is more appropriate for him/her. Sport watches are equipped with additional features, such as, chronometers, compasses and calculators that are meant to simplify the tasks of sportsmen.

Mystery overshadowed the spokesmen’s speech as neither of them revealed further information related to the design of the new collection. Despite their mysterious attitude, fashion critics were able to infer, based on the previous collections which the watch brand realized in collaboration with other public figures, that the present collection will preserve some of the punk influences of Vivienne Westwoods style.

The extremely convenient prices ranging from $100 to $500 will make Westwood watches accessible to all people. The public may not know many things about the new collection, but one thing is for sure: the price is reason enough for people to buy these watches. Stay up to date with the new information related to this collection and be prepared to purchase a good timepiece: the Vivienne Westwood watch.

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