Unleash Your Power With NLP

Have you ever heard of NLP? This has often been called the greatest communication system that has ever been developed. If you’ve never heard of it, it is a collection of powerful tools that can be used in almost any situation, to create almost any outcome you’d like.

What is NLP, and where did it come from? Most people will tell you that NLP is the model of excellence. And the first few people whose “excellence” was modeled were therapists, and so NLP’s first pass at modeling “excellence” was modeling excellent communicators.

One of the first people they modeled with NLP was Dr. Milton Erickson. He had created his own from of hypnosis. Instead of sitting you down in a chair and waving a watch in front of you and trying to convince you that your eyes were getting heavier and heavier, he had a different method. He would tell you these stories and metaphors that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but somehow they would solve all your problems.

By modeling this one genius, a whole collection of powerful communication strategies was developed. Today it is called the Milton Model, and there is a plethora of free information online that can help you to learn this. There is also an abundance of seminars out there where you can get some hands on experience at trying these powerful techniques.

Others have described NLP as the objective description of the subjective experience. Say you are afraid of dogs. Instead of asking why, and digging into your past when you were first bit, NLP asks how you are afraid of dogs. What images do you see, what do you imagine when you see a dog? Once you have these, it’s easy to change them, and the fear of dogs can disappear.

The greatest lesson of NLP is modeling itself. With modeling, you can learn to do anything from anybody. This is in now way limited to modeling excellence in communication. You can model excellence in public speaking, or engineering, golf, or even creative thinking. Once you tap into the awesome power of NLP, you are only limited by your imagination.

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