Oprah One Of The Toy-Watches Trendsetters

Since watches have always been such popular accessories, it is only normal for a huge industry to be developed and, just like in any other industry, with its own trends which change in a blink of an eye. The huge range of watches of various shapes, colors or materials on the market makes it possible for every costumer to find the one it suits him best.

Nobody can really predict how successful a certain product will be, but clever merchants like to take matters into their own hands and make things happen. For instance, what a better way of selling a product other than associating with the image of a celebrity? Either we are talking about a rock-star, famous actor, model or sports champion, the benefits of such a marketing strategy are something which watch manufactures are well-aware of.

Of course, every rule has its exceptions, some lucky ones even. This is the case for those manufactures that have not had to lift a single finger to popularize a certain brand. Fortunately for them, it so happened that one day a celebrity came into their shop, fell in love with their watches and decided to wear them. These heaven sent gift public figures are the trendsetters, people whose passion for a specific product can result in huge sale figures.

Oprah Winfrey is one the trendsetters mentioned above as her choice of watches is far from being fancy or expensive. The Italian made Toy-Watches are her favorites and they seem like very special items too. Their price varies between 2 and 4 hundred dollars, but what is pretty amazing about them is that they are considered to be the highest example of avant-garde. Extremely eye-catching due to their ultra-modern designs and made of bright colored plastic or ceramics, Toy-Watches is an excellent option for those wishing to express their rebel side and want to break away from the conventions of style and fashion.

The conclusion we will have to draw from this is that we should always be looking for those items which reflect our own personalities and tastes instead of being preoccupied by the latest trends. Let’s say, foe example, that we have not much of a rebel side in us, but we are an active person who is enjoying every minute of the day. The bottom of line is that we should be wearing only what it suits us and luckily for us, watch manufactures are ready to fulfill every costumer’s expectations.

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