Necessary Preparations Before Having a Live in Maid Service

Hiring a Live in maid is different from getting a scheduled housekeeping. There are many risks involved for after all this is one person going to live in the house entirely with you and your family. With a live in house keeper, you’re personal belongings are open for access, you’re privacy can also be compromised, in short this is a person who has the potential to be part of the family so here are guidelines to follow.

If you are an employer particular with attitude and personality then check the history of the live in maid service you’re planning to hire. If she’s a referral, ask her previous employers and learn from her strengths and weaknesses, ask different people to know many sides of the matter you wish to verify. If she came from an agency, request for work experience history and health or criminal records too.

A personal interview should transpire beforehand; this is to ensure that communication can be easy to both parties. To avoid misunderstandings in the future, have an agreement on the rates and the benefits. The work inclusions and limitations must already be discussed. Will the live in maid service do merely house work? Does it involve taking care of the children?

Employers have different likes and dislikes. Surely you may want your meal cooked in a special way, your laundry without fabric softeners or your floor hand cleaned. Whatever your concerns are be sure to get it across the table before your maid begins her work. This avoids miscommunication in the future.

Getting a live in maid is an added convenience but can also require additional cost. Employers are given the responsibility to ensure the maid is living properly with them. Before they go through the shady work details, they must first work out their compatibility to ensure they deserve to work and live with each other for a long time.

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