Why Common Chiropractic Newspaper Advertisements Simply Do Not Work…

If you’ve been in the chiropractic profession for some time you must at some particular point have tried to get rather more new patients from the local newspaper. And if you are like most chiropractic doctors it’s probable you weren’t too impressed by the results, even if you have acquired a package of advertising from another chiropractor or coaching group.

Most chiropractic doctors give up after only a few attempts and while I see why they would do that I am going to inspire you not to, because when done properly paper advertising can pay off big time and bring you a tremendous number of new patients. What’s more, newspaper advertising also has the benefit of taking little of your valuable time, unlike screenings and health talks which take up rather a lot.

So what is it that goes wrong for chiropractic doctors when they market in their local newspaper?

Three things:

You write your advertisements yourself – Would you let one of your patients adjust you? No, because they don’t have the necessary ability right? Well why would you try and do something you have no talent in?

You purchase a package of adverts from another chiropractor or chiropractic coach – This quite honestly is just as bad as writing your ad yourself, because they have nearly no awareness of advertising either. It is a case of the blind leading the blind.

You go to an advertising corporation and ask them to write you an advertisement – Once again a horrible choice for a number of different reasons that I will not go into, but the toughest problem here is that very few advertising agencies have the people with the talent to craft ads that work.

What you have to do is find a REAL advertising expert, somebody with at least 10 years experience in the study of “direct response advertising”, somebody with a real record for making advertisements that pay you back extremely well.

When you have found them and you have got proof that they know what they are doing you should expect to pay between $2,500 – $5,000 for a good direct response advert.

Sam Potter is a direct response advertiser working in a company manufacturing adverts exclusively for chiropractors. Her adverts have been used all around the world and have helped chiropractic therapists to take back control of their new patient flow.

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