Using Promotional Mugs For Top Advertisement

There is nothing like having a cup of coffee or tea from your favorite mug. A mug is chosen as a favorite for many different reasons, the way it looks, the design, or maybe the size, either way, your morning drink just doesn’t taste the same without it. This is what makes the promotional mug such a popular and effective promotional gift. Almost every desk in every office around the world has a promotional mug on it.

There is a wide range of colors, styles, finishes and designs available. No matter what you are trying to say you can find a mug to that can help you express it. In 2007 approximately $1.23 billion of all promotional sales were spent on promotional mugs. It’s a widely known that promotional mugs are perfect way to create brand awareness at conferences and events. In most cases promotional mugs are used to show appreciation for a purchase or as an incentive. Whoever the receiver of this great gift is, employee or customer, they are surely going to make an impression and offer brand awareness to both the receiver and anyone around them.

There are many types of mugs you can choose from, it’s a matter of who will be receiving the mug. Your options range from ceramic and china mugs to plastic mugs as well as travel mugs amongst many more. There are even great eco-friendly mugs available to show how earth conscious your company is.

What’s great about promotional mugs is that they are very inexpensive, especially the ceramic mugs. You can have any image or message reflected onto the promotional mug, which gives you full freedom to be as creative as you want. There are great English Potteries which have great quality mugs that are stylish as well as durable. They feature a thermo-glaze finish and wonderful colors. Quality images on mugs were impossible in the past, however, with new technology you can have a high quality photo printed on any mug, offering endless opportunities. Another wonderful example are the Mug n’ Spoon mugs which were once found only in specialty stores. These have grown in popularity and can now be offered as promotional gifts. A wonderful way to make a statement at a very low price is with the Sandfield pottery mug. While the Coffee Cup Genova really make a statement in a classy and unique way with their high quality and interesting styles.

Customers and employees with both appreciate and cherish a gift such as a promotional mug as it’s very useful. There is a promotional mug available for all companies, big and small, as there is a mug for every budget. With each promotional mug you are sure to get long lasting advertisement and product awareness. Some of the most popular mugs are the Hillside, Prado, and Metro, with a wide variety of styles and price ranges you are bound to find one perfect for your budget and company.

As mentioned above promotional mugs are also available in plastic. The plastic promotional mug is usually less expensive and actually more durable. They can be adorned with your company logo, message, or image just like the ceramic mugs, and are you can find them in all sorts of colors, styles, and designs.

It’s no wonder that promotional mugs are so popular, they are a favorite amongst many successful companies. They last much longer than any other promotional gift out there and are great for advertisement and product awareness.

Liz Logan is the manager of Phoenix Corporate Gifts. You can read more about her writing at Promotional Items and don’t forget to check out the Corporate clothing.

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