The High-Rise Splendor Of Condo Living

Weigh the pros and cons of condo living over buying a single family home before you ever decide to buy a condo unit. Think about your stage of life, goals, financial situation, and lifestyle.

Buying a condo unit is an good investment. However, you share interest in a community even if you have ownership rights in your own unit, particularly with the condo association who takes care of everything outside of your unit like the lawn, snow and trash removal, roof and hallway maintenance, and so on. In return, you’ll have to avoid making major changes or adding some features to the building even if it does reflect your personality. But since you are part of the condo community, there might be a few disadvantages, but the advantages weighs more and these are:

Lower purchase price The difference between average condo price versus single family home can reach 5 to 6 digits. This is good news to home buyers who are conscious in spending every penny, condo units are cheaper compared to buying single family homes.

Lower Maintenance A condo unit is ideal for busy folks who may not have the luxury to handle maintenance or repairs like lawn mowing, snow removal, and so on. Condo association hires the necessary maintenance team to help you focus your mind on your work and life without the headaches of doing all the repairs and maintenance just like in singe family homes.

Great social life and Increased Security You’ll have lots of neighbors where you’ll bump into when you’re going to the gym, laundry area, or pool. And some you’ll meet during the association meetings. You’ll have peace of mind because condos offer video surveillance and you have neighbors that can keep an eye on your place.

Smaller property taxes Buying a condo unit means you’ll have smaller tax burden since the taxes you pay on your property are based on how much you paid for your unit.

More amenities Condominiums are equipped with different facilities like swimming pools, meeting areas, gyms, and so on. This means that you don’t have to have a separate membership because there are amenities that you need right into your building. Aside form that you’ll have easier access to urban living, and exclusivity. You’ll have access to exclusive areas without having to pay huge amount.

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll have (and most probably won’t be experienced in a single family home) if you decide to live in a condo unit. visit Homes for Sale in Santa Rosa California. Experience convenience and style with condos at Homes for Sale in Yuma.

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