Lead Generation – Does it Need to Cost an Arm and a Leg?

In order for your business to thrive you need a fresh supply of leads on a regular basis. The problem is that obtaining these leads can be expensive so it is a challenging task when you are first starting out and don’t have much in your budget to spare. Here are some things to consider that might lower the cost of getting business leads.

A lot of websites are set up just to sell a product. While this can be a lucrative approach, it does little to help you gain future prospects. Although a name and email is usually collected with each sale, there is no further contact or follow up with the customer.

This type of sales process is singular and contains you to a single sale to a single customer. What you want to do is design it so you have a way of selling other items you have for sale to that same customer. Now, sales letter type pages require an effective text that drives the customer to hit the “Buy” button at the end. Sales copy is a skill that not all people have, so having it written for you is the answer.

However, copywriters that are good at what they do are not cheap to hire. The expense should pay for itself over time however. No matter what type of business you go into, there is an initial outlay or overheard where you have to put money into the business upfront and wait a while for sales to turn into actual profit.

Besides the sales copy, you also need a website that is designed to sell, a domain name, and hosting. These costs mount up quickly and if you rely on single sales to pay the bills, you may not see the profits you want as quickly as you want.

A site that is set up to generate leads on an ongoing basis on the other hand is more profitable in the long run and can pay for itself many times over. The site doesn’t even have to be anything fancy or expensive. You can simply offer a free report in exchange for an email address and name. As long as this person stays on your list, you can market to him multiple times and hopefully he will buy from you multiple times over the years.

Since that person has agreed to receive your email(s), there is no danger of a SPAM report from them. Once they have accepted your initial offer and given you their information, they are asked to confirm that they want to register on your list. This is called double opt-in and it works like a charm. Not only do you now have a prospect, you have a prospect that knows what you offer and wants to receive it willingly.

Lead generation monetizes your list every time a new person joins. The total cost? A few minutes and some time to follow up. The results? Lasting recurring sales from a customer who now trusts you implicitly.

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