Lanyards: A Very Effective Corporate Gift

Companies often end up allocating a lot of money on their marketing strategy. People identify with an organization when they are exposed to its logo repeatedly through attractive marketing material. The form of merchandise may change but the objective remains the same – they must be pleasant to look at and create a strong recall of the company. Lanyards are an excellent example of this.

One of the most well known and efficient forms of marketing at corporate events has been T-shirts displaying the logo of the company. However, lanyards, the new entry in the promotion toolkit is quickly gaining ground. Their use is quite common nowadays and printed with the company’s logo and tagline, they can be very attractive.

The utility of lanyards increases manifold at corporate events like conferences, symposiums, and trade exhibitions. They can be distributed to the participants attending a particular event. The lanyard may also carry the name of the event along with the business name, and therefore act as a souvenir for the recipients.

Lanyards can be an effective gift, and they are cheaper than other items. You can purchase them by dozens to give away for advertisement gifts. You can also have them imprinted with your name, a company or product name, logo, or a message. They can be used as token at company events.

Lanyards are a much better alternative than t-shirts as far as the cost of production is concerned. They are able to form a good image of the organization in front of customers and very often remind them about the brand.

Apart from being very effective and inexpensive, lanyards also have other advantages as promotion tools. Colourful lanyards are known to draw the attention of a viewer, thus providing excellent visibility to the company they are promoting. They are high utility and can serve some important purposes like hanging an ID card or a USB drive from the neck. Moreover, potential customers can take them home for personal use, and this will develop a constant recall of your brand in their minds.

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