James Malinchak’sthe Best Tip On Thinking Just Like A Millionaire Entrepreneur

With regards to thinking like a millionaire entrepreneur, you have to be thinking about making connections as well as collaborations with other people to motivate activity for your business. Often businesses are only focused on what’s in it for me. You have probably heard of the phrase “People like the radio station WIIIFM – What is in it for me!” Of course, I want you to always be thinking about what is in it for you. However, the error is the fact that business people do not think about what is in it for others that will benefit themselves along with the other business owners. Business is more than putting up a sign in front of a store. Business is engaging others as well as pulling them into your business via multiple means.

Let me give the example of a pizza shop. If you have a pizza shop, you should not be in the back making the boxes. I always say hire someone to do the mediocre jobs that someone else can perform so that you can concentrate on making money for the business. Rather, focus on how to generate more traffic in your store or orders of the products. Therefore, you may be doing the following top things to increase your business. These tips below are what could start you on your way to thinking like a millionaire entrepreneur.

You should be cutting deals with the video store that could be over the parking area.

Nine from ten times when someone rents a relevant video, they probably want to eat pizza using the video. Additionally, nine times out of ten, you should be giving coupons for that video store simply because they probably want to rent a film while eating pizza. You are not competing with each other’s businesses. You complement one another. When you start with the framework and the mindset of creating decisions where you want to be, not from where you currently are, you begin to shift how you act. You start to shift the way you think.

Instead of thinking, “Oh, I’ve reached put these pizza boxes together” when it comes to the pizza shop, you begin thinking “who can I cross market and cross promote with where we don’t compete, but we compliment?” That’s thinking just like a millionaire entrepreneur. That’s making a decision from a host to where you want to be because you are strategically attempting to cut deals that lift up your revenue.

That is my whole point. You can’t be thinking and making decisions from where you are at this time. It’s the “Act As If” principle. You have to have it before you will have it. This principle will lead you into thinking of ideas like the one I proposed for the pizza shop owner. Once you consider one marketing idea, then build upon those creative ideas to create other marketing opportunities. Begin jotting down a list of other businesses that can contribute to your advertising campaign who stand to benefit from your customers.

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