James Malinchak’s Good Enough Is Definitely Good Enough

Good enough is good enough. That was a big lesson for me in avoiding perfectionism that I learned along the way. That is why I knew my cousin Davy Tyburski was a great fit for me and my business as far as getting further ahead. When he came to work for me as my Chief Operating Officer, he kept saying, “James, Let’s shoot for 80%.” After thingking it over, I realized that he was right. I do not have to bat 100 each time to be good at what I do or do to well in my business.

Long before that I had stopped waiting until I’m fully 100% prepared to do stuff in my life or my business. I realized that you continually move forward. Therefore, Davy’s quote changed my thinking.

Davy proved to me that I was doing the right thing by focusing on good enough was good enough. Of course, my cousin and I agree that there are times where 80% isn’t good enough. You need to aim for higher than 80% if you are flying a plane or doing heart surgery, but you are not performing surgery. You are likely designing a flyer, writing a blog, designing a curriculum, or writing a speech. Most things we do in our business and our life do not have to be perfect. In those cases, good enough is good enough.

What if you have a mistake or error? Well, of course you want to be professional and need to look it over for general mistakes, but I had never returned a published book before because there was a grammar error. My thought is if you cannot get the message out of my products because I used the wrong tense of a verb, then maybe you are not the right customer for me. In fact, you are not the right client for me because I do not want to have people that prevent themselves from moving forward because they are nick picking to be perfect. It seems people are always looking for fault in everything we do, so now I sometimes leave mistakes in on purpose to give them something to find.

I say, “To heck with being perfect.” Do you know how many people are bettered by your message just by you getting out there to the masses to find? How many people waste their time and energy trying to be perfect when good enough is good enough? How many people are looking for your help, and you cannot help them because you are perfecting a document. It goes with the recovering perfectionist thing. I stopped long ago trying to be perfect. In stopping the desire to be perfect, I realized something else. I was stressed less. I got ahead quicker than expected. I learned how to adjust. I learned how to trust myself to make positive decisions. I learned how to make educated decisions and educated risks. All of this allowed me to get ahead further in my business than my desire to be perfect. Lastly, I had more clients than ever when I decided that good enough was finally good enough, and that is what I call a ‘writer-downer!’

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