Is It True That Facebook Can Out-Do Google In Terms Of Targeted Traffic?

This is the question that many marketers have been asking in recent years. To answer the question in simple terms the answer would be yes and no. This is an interesting response which this article will attempt to explain further. Facebook proponents have often pointed out that it has massive targeting options that are simply not available in Google. They argue that you can target by country, state and even zip code just like Google.

However, when you go further in terms of targeting Facebook simply outshines Google. In Facebook you can target further by age, gender, interest, likes and many more. Simply put in this regard Facebook is better than Google.

Many marketing friends of mine use both and they all receive different results from their marketing. Some of my marketing friends prefer Facebook. The other half like Google Adwords. Both Facebook & Google are number one in the PPC type of advertising. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, for those new people who might be ready this article.

When a person visits Facebook, they are looking to connect, and those connections are comprised of related characteristics of their friends, family, and other things they have liked on Facebook. This tends to put people in larger groups, based on demographics, geographic locations, similar things that they like such as music, pets, and so on. Finding the right group to target is the advertiser’s goal, and when that target audience is found on Facebook, it can be a gold mine. If a product or service has a strong word of mouth potential, then Facebook can be the best solution. If a person would generally be looking for a specific solution based on a keyword phrase or some question words, then Google will usually work best.

rivaling Google as a means of selecting just who is going to see the ads. Google’s AdWords does pretty much the same thing by having the small classified ad appear on a person’s browser based on their browsing preferences. The thing is, that both of these methods of advertising work, and one is not necessarily exclusive from the other in regard to their effectiveness.

Ideally, an advertising campaign should utilize them both in their advertising efforts. Since they both allow for incredible focus on what kind of name will be targeted it is possible to target very specific people with a certain narrow spectrum of what they like. – Hero Tower is a website dedicated to exposing the advantages & disadvantages with an in-depth Hero Tower Review.

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