Advertising Jobs Need Qualified Applicants

Advertising jobs encompass a diverse range of aptitudes and skills. Thats because there are many jobs involved in launching a successful marketing program. Employees must work as a team throughout all facets of the process to make sure the client reaches it’s target audience and generates sales.

The account manager leads the team through the development and implementation of the advertising campaign. He or she is the front line contact with the advertiser and must keep the client satisfied. The account manager also keeps tabs on the budget and production deadlines. Candidates should have training or experience in business. They should also be well organized and a good communicator.

Account planners work closely with individual advertisers to make sure the campaign is completed to the clients satisfaction. An account planner should have a good understanding of the psychology behind peoples shopping habits. They should have an analytic mind. A degree in cultural anthropology or sociology is an asset in this position.

Copywriters and art directors form the core of the creative team. They create the words and the images of the ad. Applicants for those positions should be flexible enough to experiment with new concepts and be willing to work under pressure. Training in marketing, writing or art is a desirable attribute.

A media buyer is responsible for placing the ads. He or she must decide if the campaign will role out in print, broadcast or both. The media buyer must determine which platform will be most effective at targeting the type of people who are most likely to buy the advertisers products. The applicant should have a degree or experience in advertising and demonstrate an ability to analyze facts.

There is a wide variety of entry level advertising jobs. People in those positions can be recruited right out of high school or college and given the opportunity to learn and grow on the job. Finding the best employees may take some time, but the development of a strong team is an important factor in building a successful business.

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