Loans Kinds – Secured And Unsecured

We all require loans some time in our lives. We all ask for monetary assistance once or more times, though perhaps not as much as the others. We borrow money through our credit cards, when purchasing a property or an automobile, when paying for our college tuition fee, or when we need cash to repair our house.

There are many forms of loans. There are those loans that are for our home, car, mortgages, students, and personal, just to name a few. But all forms of loan are either secured or unsecured.

Secured, or collateral loans, are those kinds that require the borrower to show the lender a form of security or guaranty that he will be able to back pay. The common items that are used as collateral are cars and real properties. During the lending period, the lender holds the rights to the items until the borrower pays back the borrowed amount entirely.

The rates of interest for secured credits are commonly very low and oftentimes negotiable. Your credit history can be your bargaining power during interest rates negotiation, depending on how good it is. Flexible payment terms are also available to select from to suit your paying capacity.

However, you could possibly remain in debt for years. It is best if you choose a short payment term that you can also afford. Another thing is, if you default on the payment, the lending firm will confiscate your collateral, which means they can take away your car or take possession of your property.

Unsecured loans, or otherwise known as non-collateral, don’t need borrowers to provide assets as collateral for their loaned money. If you default, banks or lending institutions can only use collectors and freeze your accounts.

People who go for this type of loan are usually those who don’t have any real property, vehicle, or any belongings that are viewed as valuable to be used as guaranty. Unsecured loans can commonly provide borrowers a large amount of money in a short period of time.

Since lending firms have a lot to lose without a collateral, the screening process of borrowers is tighter. Those who have bad credit history have a fewer chances of getting approved for a loan. Another disadvantage to this is that it has a high interest rate. It is considerably higher than secured credits.

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