Live-In Housekeepers: Keys To An Easier Life

If given the opportunity, everybody would prefer to have live-in housekeepers in their home. Indeed, the pros of hiring a live-in housekeeper are more compared to the advantages of not hiring one.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the services of live-in housekeepers. In the United States, it is very expensive to maintain a live-in housekeeper. Nonetheless, for those who are able to manage the financial aspect of hiring one, there is nothing better than to have a hired help at home.

If you want to hire a full time, live-in housekeeper, it may be wise to interview applicants before selecting one. You can also conduct a background check of them to be sure that you are employing someone dependable and trustworthy. Remember that your live-in housekeeper will be staying in your house most of the time.

When conducting your interview, ask them the length of time they have been in the housekeeping business, the employers they have dealt with, and the reasons why they have decided to change employers. Then, you should also clarify with them what you expect of them, and the salary and the benefits that you intend to give them.

You should also know how your applicants feel when it comes to doing household chores. Ask them how comfortable are they cleaning, cooking, taking care of the children, and keeping the house in order. If they are honest in their answers, they should be able to look at you straight in the eye.

Your applicants should also be able to have their full name, address, contact numbers, social security numbers, and so on, on paper. So, if possible, have an application form ready for them to fill out completely. Also, you should check if they have a valid work visa to begin with.

It can be very stressful to go through all this process by yourself. If you have enough money to spend, you can employ the services of certain agencies to help you find live-in housekeepers. These agencies are usually equipped with materials and manpower, and they can even do the pre-screening and background checking of your applicants for you.

These guide questions are very practical and necessary in order for you to spot the best live-in housekeepers for your home. Keep in mind that if there is somebody else besides your family who will live under the same roof as you, she’d better be somebody you can depend on.

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