Learn About Custom Artisan Plaster Wall Finishes With A Brooklyn Interior Wall Finishing Company

A big part of decorating is deciding what the primary look of the room should be. Of all the choices available, many people are opting to go for the high end, refined and polished look of quality Venetian plaster. A Brooklyn interior wall finishing company can help one achieve this look in a professional manner.

There are actually two types of Venetian plaster, natural and synthetic. Each of them come with their own list of positive aspects, as well as a few that might be less appealing to some. They both deliver the user an amazing finish that is luxurious and attractive, having a refined high end appearance.

The synthetic product is readily available at most home improvement stores and is a blend of acrylic polymers and fillers such as clay and gypsum. Like a paint, it can be applied using a roller and produces a very attractive finish at a comparably reasonable price. The down side is that it might require occasional freshening touch ups and the compound is not nature based.

Authentic Italian plaster is made using all natural materials such as limestone, marble, quartz, clay, resin and organic pigments. This is available in a variety of compounds and is the consistency of a creamy mud. While technically anyone can apply this product following tutorials, it is typically applied by artisans because of how difficult it is to get the finish just right.

A trowel is required to apply this organic product in several thin coatings which will result in a three dimensional look and a brilliant translucence. This is a laboriously time consuming process though the final finish is magnificent and completely worth the work. Durability and environmental safety are two huge benefits.

It will cost one a little more to go with actual Italian plaster, but its ability to last indefinitely will make it worth the expense. The natural colors will remain true through the years. The lime based compounds eventually return to their natural state which is that of limestone and marble, resulting in a solid stone surface.

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