Javita Coffee: What’s Everyone Buzzing About?

You have probably heard the buzz about Javita and their Coffee related business opportunity. While not involved with Javita, I have thoroughly reviewed the facts surrounding this business, and will fill you in on the details.

Javita Company Leaders

Stan Cherelstein is not only the head man at Javita, but also runs Waiora. The fact that Waiora has operated has a direct sales company since 2004 bodes will for the prospects of Javita hanging in their as a business.

Compensation Strategy

To enjoy long-term stability, a good MLM company must pay all Distributors in a fair and balanced manner. Javita does a good job of addressing the needs of part-time and full-time associates.

What to Look Out For

Sometimes the upfront purchase requirements with MLM Companies can be a danger area. This is especially true if you aren’t actually receiving anything of tangible value for your money. Javita seems to be in good shape here. They have several enrollment options to choose from, and each contain plenty of sample product so that you receive value for your money.

Problem with Compensation Structure

This isn’t anything drastic, but I’m not too crazy about how early in the rank structure someone can earn a new vehicle bonus with Javita. In my opinion, when someone gets this bonus too early they are more likely to lose it. Losing money is one thing, but losing a new car is something else entirely.

Another Worry: Is It Too Expensive?

Sometimes over priced items will survive in the market place for a while because of hype or buzz. But the long range viability of a company is dependent on consumers being willing to purchase goods at the marked price.

Is Javita Worth What It Costs?

A case of Javita’s coffee sells on a wholesale level for around $1.43 per packet. This is approximately 75% higher than the cost of certain other premium brands, such as Starbucks. Ultimately, the viability of Javita lies in the hands of you and other consumers like you. Do you love Javita Coffee so much that you’ll pay nearly twice as much for it as other premium brands? If so, the Javita has a chance to live up to the buzz.

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