Illinois Arrest Records Updated Information Online

When a resident of Illinois is reported for any crimes, an arrest record is then created by the authorities. The state of Illinois has implemented the Freedom of Information Act. This act allows easy retrieval of the public arrest record Illinois issues to its residents.

Resident of Illinois would request for a copy of an arrest record for them to use in a number of reasons. Doing a background check is one of the primary uses of this document. The citizens of Illinois use this file as reference when checking on the criminal history of an individual. They do this to protect themselves and their loved ones from people who have criminal inclinations. Those who have children would look into the background of their children’s friends to make sure they are in good company. Another use of this document is for job application. Companies would conduct a background check on the applicants to help them identify people who are trustworthy. By carefully selecting the people they welcome in their company, problems or issues can be prevented. Such document is also one of the main sources of information used by authorities and investigators when they conduct an investigation.

A public arrest record has details pertaining to the arrest of an individual. One would know the date and the place where the individual was arrested. The arrest would not be in place if there was never an offence or violation, thus this particular information is also an important detail that is documented on the public file. The public document, however, would not show complete details about the identity of the victims and the witnesses as well as the prosecutor who handled the case. This is for their security and protection.

The state of Illinois will only release a copy of an arrest record if the one who filed the request is the person himself. Other people can gain access to the files of other people by providing a special court order. To proceed with the search, one has to provide the basic details of the document of interest. One will also be required to provide their contact details during the retrieval process. By giving the required information, the search can be hastened.

One has to go to the office of the Police Department in Illinois under the Bureau of Identification. The said office is the one that manages and keeps the arrest files of the state. The office allows a fingerprint scan for the cost of $20 per request. This is only allowed for people who have the authority; otherwise a name-based search has to be done. A $16 processing fee is required to conduct the search using the name of the person in question.

Public Arrest Reports of Illinois are not only available at the state office but it can also be requested online. The Internet has made the retrieval process a lot easier and hassle free. Residents of Illinois can get the needed document faster since there is no need to go to any office just to file the request. The request can be done even at home and in just a few clicks on the mouse results of the search are then displayed on the computer screen.

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