How to create bills on the web

Sick and tired of creating invoices yourself in Microsoft Excel or Word? So you want to locate a system or a tool that is going to assist you create invoices online? Now is certainly the time to move out of the 90’s and move your businesses invoicing into the 21st century.

We all know that making invoices and quotes manually can be very time consuming and also technically demanding. Do any of the following manual invoicing related issues sound familiar to you?

– Resource intensive: If you need to create and issue invoices manually you need to put aside at least 15 hours a week to do this. You also require more personal to handle the workload.

– Entering the same details repeatedly: Issuing quotes and invoices yourself in Excel or Word mostly means that the product names or descriptions you use are not easily accessible and have to be retyped or copy/pasted on a repetitive basis, wasting valuable time.

– Duplication: Having to re-enter or copy/paste line item text and product descriptions each time you complete a quote or invoice is also an un-necessary duplication resulting in wasted time. Leaving your invoices open to spelling mistakes and incorrect or mismatched product descriptions.

– Manual sending: Invoices generated in Excel or Word need to be manually sent to your client either via email or postal mail. Sending via email mostly means saving the quote or invoice a PDF and manually attaching each quote or invoice individually to an email and manually sending it off to your customer. This can result in wrong email recipients and attachments or customers not receiving invoices as the attachment size causes emails to be sent to the clients spam box.

– Data storage: Making invoices and quotations this way usually means that you store your invoice and quotation archive on one computer at your workplace. You therefore cannot locate customer billing history when you are not at that computer. If your work requires you to be on the move then this will always limit your productivity and ability to provide efficient customer support with relation to invoicing questions.

– Data security and backups: Storing all your invoices and quotations on one computer also means that data is only as secure as the software you have in place to protect it. This many times leaves sensitive billing data open to the prying eyes of hackers. Most small business owners do sporadically backup this data on external hard-drives, but this kind of backup needs to be done extremely frequently, else you risk losing all your data if your PC crashes or gets stolen.

What I have described above can only be categorized as problems the small business owner of the 90’s faced, but in all honesty and quite surprisingly what I described here is really pretty familiar to a very large segment of the SME and freelancer billing market today! Shocking? Yes. True? Absolutely! Is there a better way? Most definitely!

The solution: Billing online

Getting a system to help you create quotations and invoices on the internet is an easy job. If you do a bit of research it is rather simple to find a good quality, professional system that is not going to cost your business an arm and a leg.

Benefits of doing online billing:

– Online invoicing saves you time. As most tasks performed in online invoicing systems can be highly automated you don’t have to spend hours performing repetitive tasks or employ many staff members to do this for you.

– No more manual problems, duplications or mistakes. A web-based service eradicates these almost entirely as they have built-in fail safes to avoid this.

– Automate do not duplicate. No longer will you need to perform the same task more than once. Billing solutions use default templates and line items that you input once and re-use as desired.

– Online billing prevents the need for you to manually email invoices to clients via email. A professional system will let you to schedule invoice times and then does all the effort for you. Making the invoice, converting it to PDF and then sending an HTML invoice with PDF attachment to your client.

– So the problem with old fashioned invoicing procedures was that you could only get to your client information from 1 point eg. Your work computer. Not anymore! Online invoicing means your information is stored online, so you can get to it from any web-enabled device. So you can mail invoices from your iPhone at the hairdressers or process a payment from your laptop in bed.

– Most online invoicing software store your data securely on your behalf so you get the advantage of big business security without having to support the cost of the infrastructure yourself. Most quality online invoicing systems also backup your data on your behalf. Some as regularly as every 15 minutes. So even if your laptop gets forgotten on the plane or your office PC has a breakdown you will NEVER lose any billing data.

Now is the time to start! Get billing today. It is straightforward. Anyone can do it. Get on the internet and start looking for an online invoicing or billing software solution that going to get you working the modern way.

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