How To Avoid List Marketing Mistakes

If you really want to make money online, you don’t want to only have one source of income, but as many as possible. While you can make money from your website, either by selling ads or your own products, you shouldn’t ignore e-mail marketing either. E-mail marketing is one of the surest ways to make money on the internet there is. This is a list of people who have volunteered to receive offers of products and services from you. This is your perfect target audience, people who are asking you to send them offers. For many online businesses, e-mail lists are what bring in the most money. So how do you build these lists? These tips will allow you to create your own e-mail list as fast as possible.

If you already have a website, place a sign up form prominently on that site. There are several widgets that will handle this task for you. Widgets for blog-type sites are only one option: you can also use any other software or code that meets your needs better. If you have a site that people like to read then it will be easy to get people on your list. People will sign up on their own without having to be bribed. And if you build a good reputation in your niche then your list can come to the point where it grows automatically.

Don’t make it difficult for people to type in their e-mail addresses. Put the opt in form in a prime location on your website. Don’t let graphics or other items on the page obscure this form. Don’t place it only on one page, but on every page you publish on every site that is related to this niche. The easier it is for people to sign up for your list, and the fewer distractions, the better your chances of having them do it. If you make visitors feel that signing up for your list is an easy and natural thing to do, you will soon have a huge list of e-mail addresses!

Ask people who are in your contacts list in your personal e-mails. These can be your first sign-ups that will motivate you to get more. For people who are already involved in internet marketing for a while then you probably already know people who you have helped out in the past that would be happy to sign-up to your list. Send out an e-mail announcing your new newsletter or email list and offer them a spot on it; many people will accept your offer. Add everyone who says yes!

You can constantly build your list, increasing the number of potential customers all the time. Your list is made up of people who have told you they are open to your information and offers. These are people you’ve found who are anxious to find out about your products or services based on their interests. That’s what makes a list so powerful, the fact that it is sent to people who have asked for it. A targeted e-mail list is just that, people who have volunteered to become your buyers or clients!

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