How Does A Person Grieve?

We grieve as a natural reaction to loss. It is the anguish that you feel when someone who or something that is part of your life, someone or something you cherish, is no longer there.

Some examples of scenarios that are reason for grief are the following:

– your girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with you – you lost your job – you lost that one opportunity to pursue what you love doing the most – you learn that a person very close to you is diagnosed with a serious disease – you are discovered to have a serious illness – you and your spouse are going through a divorce – you had a fight with your best friend – the pet that you had for so long died – the person you love dies suddenly

These situations can all cause us to grieve. Of all the instances mentioned above, we feel the most intense anguish if a loved one – be this a child, a parent, or a spouse – dies. Nothing can close the void that suddenly opens up in our life when they are gone.

Our whole lives, we may have made the people who died the center of our existence. So life is now never the same as it were when our loved ones were still alive. We mourn our loss. Yet, in grieving, we have the promise of being able to heal our pains and allow our lives to move onwards again.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Nonetheless, we must choose the way that can encourage us to heal after all the loss that we experienced.

It is common presumption that grieving must be expressed by weeping every time we remember our departed loved ones. However, tears do not constantly mean grief. One can appear stoic on the outside yet is breaking up from the pain of loss within.

Also, contrary to the myth, grieving does not only encompass a single year. The duration of the grieving process will be different for one individual compared with another. If you are grieving, don’t rush yourself to immediately “get over it.” Allow time to heal your sorrow.

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