Hospital Equipment That Help In Effective Treatment

Many people are in search of quality health care. Most times, the kind of quality they seek can only be obtained in hospitals that have complete hospital equipment. Instruments used by doctors in the hospitals vary; some of them include MRI machines, x-ray machines, ultrasound machines, infusion pumps and medical lasers.

If not for ultrasound machines, it would be difficult to know the gender of a baby before delivery. They help to prevent several complications by helping the doctor know how the baby is faring in the womb. The use of this machine is also important after child birth in the sense that the doctor uses it to check the different parts of the baby. In summary, ultrasound machines are very important in echocardiography, biopsy and obstetrics.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines (MRI) are also used to check the internal parts of the body. Such parts include the heart and the brain. The machine’s impact in the medical field was first felt in 1973 when Paul Lauterbur used it to get the internal image of a mouse. The speed of the machine was increased later by Peter Mansfield who won a Nobel prize with his counterpart, Paul Lauterbur in 2003.

Hospitals without medical ventilators are usually unable to take care of emergencies. A medical ventilator is very useful for those who have difficulty in breathing; hence, they are applicable in home care, intensive care and emergency units. Surgeons use this instrument to ensure that their patient is still able to breath during operation. Respiratory and cardiac disorders are also instances that call for the use of medical ventilators.

Medical ventilators and infusion pumps have similar functions. Infusion pumps are used by people who have difficulty in feeding. Usually, a sick person needs to take food, drugs and some other important fluids to improve chances of recovery. However, when the patient is unable to help himself, infusion pumps can be a good remedy.

Patients with damaged kidneys need to be supported with dialysis machines. A dialysis machine helps in blood filtration and the formation of urine. George Haas was the first person to successfully use the machine as a hospital equipment. George Haas was a German scientist who made this achievement in 1924.

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