The Life of Filipino Maids in Hong Kong

Among the average 7 million inhabitants of Hong Kong, Filipino workers comprise at least 140,000 of the population. Majority of these workers, mostly women, are Filipino maids or referred to by the locals as feiyungs. Life in the Philippines is hard but for these helpers, life in Hong Kong is perceived to be harder but the chance to harbor income is higher, but might as well take the risk. But how does life go on in Hong Kong?

Faith Goes On Everything feels quite different but something familiar tags along with them-their faith. Being devoted religious, Filipinos in Hongkong still adhere to their advocate and obligation to the creator. While there are Protestants and Buddhists Filipinos, Roman Catholics comprise the majority. It is expected that Catholic churches in Hongkong are always housed with Filipinos especially every Sunday. To acknowledge their numbers, masses are even versed in the Tagalog linguistic.

It’s a 6-day work and one day off for all Filipino Maids in Hong kong. That day off is usually held on Sundays. During this day, thousands of them are seen flocking in Central, Victoria Park or the Hong Kong Cultural Centre to hang out and entertain one another. Most of the time, loud rendezvous can be heard blocks away, there are singings, concerts and picnics.

The Hong Kong government supports the day of rendezvous of Filipinos. Seeing the need for privacy and respect, the main roads leading to their spot of retreat are closed for at least 10 hours usually. It has been a tradition for Filipinos for years that in their frequent hot spots, a sign of “no littering” is flagged in English, Cantonese and Tagalog.

For Filipino maids, Life goes on wherever you are. No matter what the risks as long as it is for the betterment of everyone’s future, it is worth taking. In the eyes of the hopeful maids working in a foreign land, life is working hard 6 days a week, a day of enjoyment and constant faith everyday.

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