Experienced Help Wanted: Exploring Options in Choosing Transfer Maid

Maids generally fall into two categories: a newcomer and transfer maid. New as the name implies literally means that, new to the job while transfer already has experience and is merely transferring from one employer to another. The latter would prove to be the popular choice if domestic agencies would publish their statistics. But that doesn’t mean new maids are being ignored. Everything will always depend on the interest of the employer. As for the popular choice, here are the pros and cons to hiring the transfer help.

Experience is the main attraction of a transferring maid. Any job for that matter would preferably require experience from a worker. That’s what maids think when they’ve gathered enough confidence to transfer. Transferring from one job to another could arise from an end of agreement, desire for a new working scene or better opportunities.

The new hiring employer may verify these experiences from a transfer maid, which is to their advantage. In fact, their domestic help agency can even boost their chances by arranging an interview. Bottom line, in hiring a transfer, there are lots of information to gather that can elevate their chances of getting hired and paid higher.

On the other hand, there is a time when experience becomes less attractive to some employers. An experienced maid can be harder to overpower since they know the whereabouts and common rules in the household. They may also be demanding when it comes to salary and benefits. As for handling work, their enthusiasm may not be as high as when they are first starting for this is just a job continuation in a different scene.

A transfer maid makes the perfect candidate if experience and credibility check are the criteria. But if budget and work enthusiasm are the concerns then go for the new maids. In the end, the perfect help depends on the employer’s self-interest. To better decide, a good and resourceful domestic help employment agency would make the case easier.

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