Repairs After A Failure Are More Expensive Than Predictive Maintenance Services

Ever since the industrial revolution, people have used equipment and other devices to make the world a more convenient and pleasurable place. The down side of having so many convenience driven apparatuses is that they have to be maintained. Fortunately, with the advent of predictive maintenance services, a significant proportion of the expense of equipment failure can be eliminated.

Mechanical devices of all types have something in common; moving parts. It follows that anything that moves is subject to deteriorating forces. From externally introduced contamination in the form of dust and dirt to environmental issues like weather, as well as friction and heat of normal operation, many things contribute to physical deterioration.

Fortunately for users, tremendous strides have been made in the materials available to make things with. Staples like steel have been improved and new synthetics have provided lighter, stronger more durable substances resulting in tougher products. But even made of sturdier parts and with excellent filters, wear and tear eventually affect everything.

In addition to the basic material products are constructed from, computer aided design has allowed for ingenious ways to get the improved lubricants to the places which will be the most effective. Filtration techniques and improved filter materials trap and remove many contaminants that were once a plague on equipment. But even this is only a delaying tactic, repair and replacement are inevitable results.

But no matter how diligently one cares for a device, decay cannot be avoided and inevitably parts will wear out and if not replaced can cause the complete failure of the device. When it is a standalone type of device, then the need to keep it working smoothly and continuously is a matter of individual need or desire. If it is a compact disk player, then all that happens if it fails is the annoyance of not having it.

While the loss of any device, even those primarily for entertainment is a set back and inconvenience, it is worse for businesses. A company production line is the lifeblood of the business, and every piece and part of the factory plays a vital role in ultimately making the product the company is dependent upon. Losing a piece of equipment is more than inconvenient, it results in the lost revenue.

The loss of any single piece of equipment can bring a stop to tall production. This idle time is expensive in many ways, first there is the loss of productivity, then there is the repair of the part and anything near it that may have broken, and finally there is the restart time. If most cases restarting takes time, but when the production line requires any form of special condition, the restart process for the line can be even more time consuming.

The optimum frequency of care and maintenance is that which gets the most out of a device with the least down time. Knowing how to conduct preventive maintenance, repair or replacement at the last possible moment before experiencing a failure maximizes productivity and profit. The key to that knowledge lies in predictive maintenance services.

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