Making Arrangements For A Funeral Service

Death is one of the harsh realities of our existence that we are least prepared for. Honoring the dead is a centuries old tradition that has gradually changed to suit the times. A traditional funeral service was carried out in church, with specific hymns, recitals and a eulogy for the departed. But, the practice has changed over time as an increasing number of people now wish to go for a customized service for their loved ones.

Organising a funeral service, right after the death of a loved one can be quite a disturbing and painful experience. A common myth that a service is a legal necessity is incorrect as no law makes it mandatory to conduct a funeral service.

Secondly, majority of people think that it has to be held in a church, which again is not the case. It is noteworthy that though traditionally such services were held in a church, with the trend of personalizing, many funeral services are being held within the premises of the deceased.

Thirdly, such a personalized service does not require use of a casket or presence of a pastor or clergy to conduct the rituals.

But, in keeping with the idea of a personal funeral service, substantial thought should be given to the preferences of the deceased person. The selection of music should be from among the personal choices of the deceased, though it is advisable to have soothing music. You could select from a live music band or going with pre recorded music.

There is also a growing trend of exhibiting the personal things of the deceased to display his or her true nature to the whole world. It is also important to give an address in the service in form of a speech, poem or a song dedicated to the departed by a close friend or family member.

Last but not the least, it is important to give a memento to people who attend the funeral service, so that they can remember the dead person forever.

Death is a sensitive time. After all, funerals present the family with a need to transition into moving on with life. Get the best casket for your loved one’s burial. This article, Making Arrangements For A Funeral Service is available for free reprint.

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