You Have More Than One Choice Of Effective Promotional Items

Limited exposure and visibility is experienced by many business owners that see their store front characterized by “just another store in that shopping center” or “one of them many mall stores”. This can sometimes cause business casualties or severely stunt business growth. Here are some tips to help you overcome these tragedies.

Start with a BIG SIGN – that will aggressively grab attention from anyone looking in it’s direction. With the sign in place, doubling as a beacon at night, your business suddenly is spotlighted above the other businesses. This is very effective advertisement to drivers and foot traffic and while many business owners don’t invest much money in this form of advertising, they are loosing out on some very good exposure. BANNERS are a great second sign choice if there are sign limitations concerning big bold signs. Banners that really stand out will be the most effective for promoting and increasing your store traffic for greater sales.

Tables – A folding table can be a good way to draw attention to your store front. Just put one out on the walkway with a brightly colored promotional table cloth on it and some sale merchandise. You will see that customers flock to this table and when they do most will wander into your store as well. Umbrellas – Free standing umbrellas provide your business with a multisided advertising tool that allows you to use several messages and when stood out in front of your business will add the extra appeal that you are looking for. Customers will come from the other end of the center just to see what all the fuss is about.

Balloons – It is hard to believe that promotional balloons will attract attention but when filled with helium and flown high you will find that these colorful items attract the eye and make people curious about what event is occurring. These are great to use especially during an open house or a sale but work well no matter what time of year it is or what is happening in your business.

Another good promotional strategy is the use of PROMOTIONAL PASSERS. These people are human billboards that advertise in a variety of ways. From handing out great promotional items in front of your store or dressing them up in a theme costume, to sporting a promotional t-shirt and giving away freebies to entice customers to visit your business.

Nice Promotional keyrings are one of the most popular logo items because they are so useful. Printed keywrings can say whatever you want them to.

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