Taking Advantage Of The Promotional Merchandise Industry

Promotional merchandise are items which are branded with a company’s logo and then given away to promote that particular company. They can be used at trade fairs, events, in mailings, to gift existing customers or potential customers. They are so successful as everybody loves a freebie and when the items are taken in to the home or the office of the target the items continue to advertise the company for duration they remain in use.

Promotional products were first used during the election campaign of George Washington in 1789. Commemorative buttons with GW, or George Washington were given away to boost popularity. These buttons are now collectors items with one recently selling for $17,000.

Shortly after George Washington used his buttons to boost his popularity Jasper Meeks, Ohio printer, offered book bags to schools with the school’s name printed on them. By 1904 about 12 manufacturers gathered forming the Promotional Products Association, still intact today with more than 7,000 members. Today the promotional merchandise industry has grown larger than ever with the help of the internet. There are 1,000 of companies offering promotional merchandise and just about any kind of item you can think of that can feature a company’s logo and be given as a promotional gift.

Promotional merchandise is used everywhere around you nowadays. Everything from the pens on your desk to the drink mats at the coffee shop are branded with a company logo on them. What’s great is that these items continue to advertise long after they are given away. Nowadays almost anything you can think of can feature a company’s logo. There are many popular small and inexpensive promotional items that are very popular, such as key chains, pens, and other small desk items, as well as clothing and coffee mugs. Each item plays an important role of helping to brand a company and improve product association.

Sometimes a more luxurious gift is necessary. These can be anything from leather bound folders or other leather accessories to gadgets for both personal use or in the office. These kinds of gifts are perfect for showing a deserving employee your appreciation as well as for current or potential customers that are highly valued. They are great to improve on a relationship or close big deal. Of course, each item has the company logo on it, providing constant reminder of your appreciation and your desire to continue working with the receiver.

Promotional items are used for brand awareness as well as product and company association. They can be given out at just about any occasion, but the most popular are when the company is trying to build up on a relationship, for events, and trade shows. Also a great use is to promote a new product, or show an employee that they are appreciated. There are hundreds of uses for these items, and just about any sort of company can put them to use. They are very popular amongst schools, counsels, and charities as well as all size businesses and corporations.

Finding a distributor shouldn’t be difficult as there are so many. However, it’s good to keep in mind that in most cases there’s a minimum order requirement as each item takes time to be branded with the company logo. What’s great is that there are promotional items for every budget, and anyone can take advantage of this great advertisement opportunity. Its best to order from distributors rather than manufacturers, as the distributors will have 1,000’s of choices, while the manufacturers will specialize in one particular type of item.

The promotional merchandise industry is now bigger and more varied than ever before, playing a vital role in the branding and customer relations of a many organisations.

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