Steps to Promote Your People Search Website

People search is hot these days. Especially with programs from internet marketers telling you can make a lot of money by helping people find other people! Now, I’m sure you finally realized this opportunity and you’re very lucky because of that! I’m also sure you wrote some articles and got a site up and running to get started. There is one part, however, you probably are struggling with: Promotion. My attempt is to give you some tips in that particular area. Read on.

Have you ever heard of the long tail? I’m talking about keywords that aren’t obvious and easy to find in keyword research tools and are more than 3-4 words long. These are called ‘hidden keywords’ by some people and can be found only in your Analytics account. People search is an industry that has a bunch of these. When you think about it, people mostly search for the name of OTHER people if they want to find him using a search engine.

Now, here’s the interesting thing: You probably know that 90%+ of visitors will come from a particular search engine (Google in most cases) to your people search sites. And when they come to the site, they come with a particular intention. You can best detect the intention of a visitor by taking a look at the keyword he or she will type. Unfortunately, traditional keyword research techniques don’t work in people search for several reasons. Let’s take a deeper look and try to explain those reasons.

Ask yourself: What is the intention of a person conducting people search on Google? He or she wants to find more information on someone else. That information typically include (but is not limited to) email addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, ordinary addresses, full names and so on. Then you have records like marriage records, criminal and court records, property records and many other types. If a person is looking for someone else online, he or she probably knows at least the name of that person. That’s the easiest part to type in the search engine. That’s what beginners who have no idea how people search works type into Google.

If you went through and read the details previously mentioned, I’m pretty sure you’ll be starting to recognize the opportunity here. By understanding intention you can take a big step toward crushing the competition. You can start optimizing for a common name, to take an example. One thing: make sure a) the name is common (even if there’s a celebrity with that name, not all people who enter it are looking for the celebrity) and b) Avoid names that are not common and taken by celebrities. That’s the worst combination. For example, don’t optimize for ‘Eva Longoria’, that’s a celebrity name and not very common one in the US.

My last suggestion is to dig deep into the minds of the people looking for a particular individual online. What “type” of information are they usually looking for? The first word that comes to mind is “accurate”. Make sure you mention your data is accurate (don’t mention if it isn’t), that will give people another reason to go and get what you’re offering.

So now you’re interested in getting started in free people search. Use the page I’ve previously linked to get started.

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