Mobiles Used As A Shopping Aid On The Rise – Research

The annual Deloitte Holiday Survey has found that importance of mobile technology is on the increase. The annual study looks at the buying patterns of the public over the holiday period. Over 72 percent of respondents said that online and mobile research will feature in their holiday buying. The survey also found that many will use their phones in store to research before making their final purchases.

The improvement in smartphone technology and the increasing smartphone adoption rate is said to be influencing the figures. Researchers found with the increase in the availability of the technology that retailers were starting to put more emphasis on mobile campaigns, increasing mobile marketing efforts considerably. There was a shift in how businesses were integrating mobile marketing, with more taking the time to develop interesting mobile tie-ins to the traditional channel campaigns.

Over half of the surveyed shoppers said they will use their phones to compare prices on products, a figure that is steadily rising. Other answers included using their phones to source product information, shop online and to check product availability. There was a shift away from researching online and going into stores. Some respondents said they were likely to do the research in store while deciding on a product purchase.

Of the businesses surveyed, researchers found the majority will be using their mobile marketing campaigns to develop their customer databases. The businesses said mobile campaigns allow them to expand and refresh their databases with holiday clients over a period where many databases were traditionally neglected by the busy staff. Researchers say this shows the growing importance of mobile technology and the need for retailers to embrace the benefits of mobile marketing technology. Ensuring that a business allows for the shift to mobile technology will ensure that a business can capture their part of this all important holiday spend.

Researchers concluded that mobile technology allows consumers to take their information searches mobile, and make them more immediate and frequent.

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