Mobile Marketing What Exactly Is It And Can You Make Money

Mobile Marketing and advertising some people when they hear this particular phrase Imagine signs along the on buses Or cars but this business model has truly changed for the good.

The web that’s none as the information highway ended up being the beginning of a paradigm shift in communication, we all no longer required the telegraph for communication or even the pony express to carry a message provided by 1 person to another one out dated methods of communication are ancient and have since faded.

What is the internet, it is technically described as a “worldwide system of interconnected networks and computers” that allow people to communicate instantly on a global scale. and it’s this connectedness that has birthed thousand upon thousands of millionaires.

At this time there are approximately 1.7 billion people who have internet access globally and there are 2 hundred million existing websites currently, but specialists predict that there will be 500 million domain and websites active inside the next decade these statistics are continuously growing looking at these stats you can see why the internet has made more millionaires compared to every other economic period in history, but as incredible as these figures are there’s a brand new economic paradigm shift happening right before your eye’s.

Mobile Marketing: This is truly a new era in marketing that allow you to reach a possible customer where ever they may be and have your advertisement appear on their phone. Right now there are over 5 Billion cell phone user’s and 51 million of those users are utilizing smart phones, most people won’t leave their property without their mobile phone this give’s an advertiser a huge platform to contact their potential audience.

Most cell phones currently have access to the internet and the size of a cellphones screen is a much smaller than that of any computer. So when an ad appears on someone’s cell phone all they will notice is that marketers advertisement giving them a captive target audience.

This will send your conversions through the roof and put on the path to financial success if you are a wise marketer and know how to leverage the power of this marketing platform you can create a huge list of subscribers to multiple lists and as they say the money is in the list.

With the internet advertising can be very expansive through pay per click, adwords, the cost per click can be as much as $5 per click and up which means unless you have deep pockets you can not sustain this type of ad campaign for long. Which means when you stop paying you stop receiving traffic to your offers and that means you are dead in the water.

But with mobile marketing because this ad platform is so new the cost per click is as low as 1 cent per click and the highest around 17 cents per click which means you can drive a lot more traffic to your affiliate link, product, or offers and all of this translates to more commission and sales and money in your pocket. Don’t miss this huge opportunity you owe it to yourself to at least take a look.

Harness the power of Mobile marketing, this new ad platform is 5 time’s bigger than the world wide web, with mobile marketing you can build huge subscriber list and earn $1500 wkly!!!

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