Mobile Coupons – Do You Know What They Are?

Mobile coupons are the latest and greatest way to take your marketing campaign to the next level and more and more businesses are catching on to this revolutionary marketing strategy. So what is the Mobile Coupon , why is it so successful and how can it work for your business?

Today, there are more mobile device owners and users than ever before. Most users are attached to their phones and most are unable to function in their day-to-day lives without them. Mobile devices, particularly texting is the main form of communication for most people and therefore a direct and simple way for your business to instantly connect with both existing and potential customers.

So how does the Mobile Coupon work? The customer solicits receipt of the Coupon by an initial text in response to a given ‘text2 get’ number. It’s quick, cheap and simple and the reward is instant; no waiting for vouchers in the mail. It has real-time redemption whereby the user can give their voucher code and receive the reward.

This is the fast, low-cost, extremely effective way of marketing your products and services by encouraging users to try or sample a new product, increase sales on an existing line by offering a discount or incentive.

The Mobile Coupon strategy is relatively low-cost, flexible and can be tailored to your individual business needs. In general, it can be used to increase sales, encourage repeat purchase and loyalty, introduce customers to sample a new product, increase general product awareness, and move overstocked items. It also has the advantage of creating a customer database for your future business needs.

Learn more about Mobile Coupons. Stop by where you can find out all about Mobile Marketing and what it can do for you.

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