Methods Of Mobile Affiliate Marketing

At one time everything that needed to be done on a computer was done on a desktop computer. However, these days, with the introduction of mobile technology like Smartphone and PDAs the Internet is always within reach. This has brought about new strategies for marketers on the Internet particularly as associated with mobile affiliate marketing. These new strategies haven’t been around for long and are brand new areas that don’t have rules that are set in stone. These days, there are four primary uses of mobile affiliate marketing which are SMS campaigning, mobile landing pages, Smartphone and click to call applications.

One of the first types of mobile affiliate marketing is SMS campaigning. This provides the affiliate with an alternative to emails. These days, people are communicating by means of either text messages or email. SMS marketing is a new idea that is only now being explored while marketing by email has been around forever. The biggest problem with marketing by email is that the open rates are low, and emails frequently end in spam folders. Conversely, you can pretty much be assured that recipients of an SMS marketing messaging will be opened upon arrival.

Another option for mobile marketing is a mobile website. Usually, this means that you make your website accessible for viewing on a mobile phone. This will require the marketer on the Internet to do some research with regards to which specifications your website will need to meet in order to be able to be viewed on a mobile phone. This provides potentials customers with the opportunity to view your website on a mobile phone.

Smartphone applications are another form of mobile affiliate marketing. These days, these applications are very popular especially on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry cell phones. The applications are available in numerous sizes and shapes and cover many different subjects, but the one thing that they all have in common is that they all are open for advertisements. To increase your business, you should choose an application that deals with your particular demographic. The market for these applications market is ever increasing and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Many affiliates select the click to call type of mobile marketing campaign. This is also known as pay per call and it permits the affiliate to identify a particular set of phone numbers to send their advertisements to. This form of advertising makes it easy for the recipient to interact with. All that is necessary is for them to do is click and they are taken wherever they want to go. Usually, this provides the marketer a great increase in conversion rates.

All types of mobile marketing are changing daily and continuing to grow. If you want to increase your revenue, you should keep up with these changes. With new discoveries in technology, there will be ever increasing types of marketing available.

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